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About us

Who we are

We are US based online eyeglasses retailer. Our headquarter and warehouse are located in Chicago, IL. We manufacture and distribute a comprehensive range of prescription eyeglasses and we ship it to you directly from our office. Our main doctor of Optometry has graduated University of Illinois and we have a team of highly qualified experts. Our online glasses are the same quality glasses as ones you will buy at any high street opticians. But we sell only discount-priced spectacles - we believe that no one should spend a fortune to get a pair of glasses.

Our History

It is all began few years ago, when 2020sharp was founded with a clear purpose - to make the buying of the glasses easier and cheaper. The company started as collaboration between three close friends - we all think that there should be an alternative way a person should to get a pair of glasses. The overpriced eyewear available in the stores and the limited product lines an optic could keep in stock are not an option.

We dreamed of something more significant and were constantly looking for a really better way to serve our clients. We wanted to offer a wider selection of prescription eyewear at lower prices. With the growing of the e-commerce and the retails options of the traders, we decided to launch this store.

We put our best efforts together - the team of the web site launching and our optician specialist. We put our sole in this online eyeglasses store for serving you better and faster because you deserve it.

Our Core Values

  1. Exceptional customer service. Client satisfaction is our number one goal.
  2. To make your glasses, we buy only high quality lenses and we have the most modern eyeglasses equipment.
  3. Your eye prescription is reviewed by highly-qualified vision care Doctors of Optometry.
  4. We offer competitive prices. We wanted to make the buying of eye glasses not only easy but also and very affordable. We guarantee that you will pay less for prescription eyewear and many designer sunglass than you will pay in other optical store.

Many people put vision care at the top of their list and say that sight is their most important sense. We are here to help you pick out the best and most economically suitable eyewear and will also assist you with all the questions you might have. Don't hesitate to contact our knowledgeable staff at anytime.

Our team at welcomes the opportunity to ensure that you and your family see life to the fullest—now and in the future.